Spectacular Rides

Giant Expo Wheel

The Expo wheel provides breathtaking 60 feet high view over looking the midway from one of its 16 gondola style seats.

Yo – Yo

The Yo Yo is one of the largest portable swing rides. As the arms rotate and lift into position, the centre begins to tilt at 20 degrees giving you a "Yo-Yo" sensation.

Starship 2000

This next generation starship will energize thrill seekers. Spinning at 24 RPM the starship uses centrifugal force to float you off the floor giving the feeling of weightlessness.

The Typhoon

This proven crowd pleaser that takes you on a ride that will thrill all ages. The "Typhoon" takes you up and drops you while leaving your stomach in the air.

Ring of Fire

Hold on tight as you wizz around 60 feet above the ground! This 60 foot tall 360 degree looping roller coaster will make your head spin.