Major Rides

Rok-N-Rol – Rockoplane

Classic thrill ride with a modern touch. The Rock-O-Plane is shaped similar to that of a Ferris Wheel but with seats that are enclosed and rock and roll as the ride turns. If you get enough momentum, you'll flip flip upside-down and end-over-end.

Tilt a Whirl

Seven cars, fixed to a pivot on the platform then roll around in a circular track and spins you around at 6.5 rpm Fun for the family. This tilt a whirl is a new generation, with a whole new look, and no hoods.

G – Force

The G - Force is a Rotor / Graviton on a 50 degree angle. Centrifugal force to keeps you in place as the G - Force spins and tilts, angling you toward the sky.

Bumper Cars

12 Bumper cars of fun. Drive around, bump yourself around and others. It's like a demolition derby for all ages!